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Save a Horse, Ride a Rescue!

  Follow the link to find out more about the horses at Riversong, waiting for their forever home!


Come and enjoy the fun at Riversong Ranch Rescue!

Adventure is right around the corner at Riversong.  Help us save horses with learning, food and FUN!  At RRR we love to educate the public about these amazing animals that we love so much.

Ride a Rescue/ Feed a Rescue

We offer a lesson program that educates the public AND feeds rescue horses!

Obstacle Challenge

Help support rescue and engage in a little healthy competition.  Prizes, food and fun await at our next obstacle challenge!

We need your help!

We will be the first to admit that rescue is hard work. 

However, there are many ways that you can help rescue horses. 



 Adopting a rescue horse brings new meaning not only to that horse's life, but yours as well.  Your adoption donation is then applied to help other rescue horses in need. 



  Providing a foster home for a horse opens up space at the rescue so that we may bring in new horses that desperately seek help.



 Horse rescue is an expensive en devour.

We need financial help to make sure all of the needs of the horses are met.



 We need people willing and ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work.  There is always work to do.


Become a support advocate

 We appreciate all the support and encouragement we have received...

Become a support advocate member for $50/year and receive a free RRR Calendar for 2020

Spread the word

 Many of our adopters find us through word of mouth.  If you appreciate our efforts at RRR, share it with your friends and family. 

Who knows, we may just have the horse of their dreams!


Rescue is  the heart of Riversong... 

Riversong Ranch Rescue is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Horse Rescue.

We strive to help horses in desperate situations find their forever homes.


Helping horse in need.

The photo of the young, skinny gelding with a bag of feed was taken soon after Butterscotch arrived at Riversong.


Horses in this condition are a very common problem and we at RRR do the best that we can to help these horses. 


This process is expensive and time consuming, but the beauty of Butterscotch's "After" photo says it all! We need help from people like you to make it happen.  Your donation will help horses like Butterscotch have a chance at a better life. 


Sponsor a horse in rehab  by following this link. 

Every dollar helps!


Simple . Kind . Effective

Christen Lain, John Lyons Certified trainer, owner/lead trainer at Riversong Ranch of Texas and President of RRR works with each and every horse that enters RRR gates. Horses are evaluated for skill level so that we may give the prospective adopter insight into the horse they are interested in adopting.Horses are kept in work while waiting for their forever home.

Christen Lain also offers private training




Please Contact Us

To make an appointment.


Thank you! 




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