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To ensure everyone receives individual attention,

we accept visitors by appointment only.


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Riversong Ranch 



Riversong Ranch Rescue

Ride a Rescue/Feed a Rescue

We offer an amazing lesson program

for those interested in learning

to care for and ride a horse. 


This lesson program is available to people of all ages to come and learn about horses for the low cost of $35... 


Your contribution will provide

feed for rescues horses


Feed cost is our #1

challenge at  Riversong.


Let's work together to help spread education AND keep horses

safe, fed and happy. 


Please book your ride today

by clicking the link below.

Christen Lain, John Lyons Certified trainer and owner of Riversong Ranch of Texas would like to invite you to learn a better method to communicate with your horse.


If you found yourself in a situation where you can no longer care for your horse.

We  can help. 

Feel free to contact us about surrendering your horse.


Safety and Experience 

Rescue is at the heart of Riversong... 

Riversong Ranch Rescue is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Horse Rescue.

We strive to help horses.

Riversong Ranch Rescue

Horses in this condition are a very common problem.  Please help horses like Butterscotch have a chance at a better life.  Sponsor a horse in rehab  by following this link. 

Every dollar helps!

Helping Horses in Need

At Riversong Ranch Rescue, we do our best to find the right home for every horse.  In order to do that, we consult prospective adopters on what they are looking for and assist to find the right match.

Honesty and Integrity

Thanks Y'all!