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Sponsorship Levels

All Inclusive - 120

Hay - 50

Farrier - 30

Feed -25

Medications - 15


Treats - 5 


Misc - your choice

As an All Inclusive sponsor, you will receive an honorary certificate of sponsorship, a photo and a gift!

Thank you for your support!

*Your donation may be eligible for a tax deduction. 

*We will provide you with a tax receipt,

  at your request.

Horses in Rehab


Bred AQHA Reg Mare

We pulled Aurora from the Elkhart auction in 11/28.  She is emaciated and in foal.

Please consider sponsoring her.  

One time or monthly



Sorrel Gelding

Charlie is a very sweet older gelding that has done his job raisisng kiddos and teaching them to ride.  Now it's our turn to help hime.

One time or monthly



Black Tennessee Walking Horse Gelding

We picked up chief a few weeks ago.  He was severely emaciated.  His rehab is going very well, but he is still gaining.

Please consider sponsoring Chief.

One time or monthly


Riversong Residents


This sweet 26 year old gelding is the one we trust with all of the kiddos that visit Riversong.  He is mostly retired but loves to nuzzle little faces and teach kids to ride in a safe and encouraging environment.  

Please Click The Donate Button

To Sponsor Bandit


Toby is an OTTB that was adopted out twice only to find his forever home at Riversong.  He helps us educate people on proper horse handling and is a wonderful asset at the rescue.  Please foster Toby today!


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To Sponsor Toby


Gunner is our go to boy for teaching.  He loves to get scratches and treats from everyone he sees... you can't come to Riversong and not leave without a hug from Gunner.


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To Sponsor Gunner


Lacey is a retired barrel horse that found her home at Riversong. Once misunderstood and unwanted, she found her place with us and is safe in our program.

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To Sponsor Lacey


Star is a 20 year old gelding enjoying his golden years at Riversong.  He is a wonderful gelding, that takes care of all of our beginner riders. 

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To Sponsor Star


Chief is a sweetheart... He came from a rough situation and we are so glad that we were his soft landing!

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To Sponsor Chief



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