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Sponsor A Horse

Your help is needed, rescue is costly. Your donation could be the difference of life or death of a horse in need.


We are committed to help starved, neglected and at risk horses.  Many times horses at arrival are not vetted and need rehab.


Our ultimate goal is that every horse that comes thru Riversong Ranch Rescue gates is seen by a vet, receive vaccines, wormer and a float. Quite often, we need to rehab neglected hooves. 


If animals are sick, we do our best to ensure that they receive proper medication and are healthy before they are ready for placement. 


After rehab, training is an important step to ensure a smooth transition into their new home.


Other expenses include, transportation costs for horses to and from the vet, hay, feed, equipment, supplies (blankets, fly spray, boots, ointments, antiseptic sprays, halters, lead ropes, hay bags)... the list goes on and on.

Contrary to popular belief, rescues (even nonprofits) pay full price for these services.  We are subject to the same expenses as any horse owner, but on a mass scale.  

Due to that fact, we need help from our community to keep horses safe. When you donate, you make a difference in these horses' lives.

Thank you for supporting Riversong Ranch Rescue!

*Your donation MAY BE eligible for a tax deduction. 

*We will provide you with a tax receipt,

  at your request.



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Thank you! 




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