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What is Rescue?

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

If you ask 1000 people, you will get 1000 answers. Rescue has been mottled... or has it?

Perhaps those of us whom rescue have taken ownership of it's identity. I am not to tell you what is or is not an act of rescue.

Sometimes those that run rescues feel let down... and we get defensive. But let me tell you why.

Let's use Clara (the mule) as an example.

Clara was taken into the rescue as a save from the kill buyers at Elkhart Auction. (this is why you DO NOT want to SHOP at auctions, as we did). We where there to help and spent very precious resources to help animals that we felt needed us.

So, to me, this is rescue.... We went there... and, yes, this is rescue math... spent $410 on the mule, now known as Clara. She was wild, but wanted to like people. She immediately fell ill. We spent $500 on her rehab, $75 on her float and unknown amount on food. but because we are a rescue... we only got $300 for her adoption fee.... well over, $615 less than we paid for her.

I'm sorry, but that is NOT heartwarming to me. Rescue is DEPENDENT on adoption fees covering costs... People stepping up and HELPING US.

We provided so much work, training and effort to keep that animal healthy, educated and safe... do we not deserve the title of "rescue"?!

This is why we feel this way... the animals deserve decent care. That will ONLY happen with support... support from the community and it's adopters.

This is why, from this day forward, I will no longer waive surrender fees. Because we need help... and we take GOOD care of the animals we are trusted with... and that means that MONEY is needed to help them.

Our farrier costs are not free, our vet costs are not free, our feed bills use the same currency and the list goes on and on. Hay costs, fertilizer costs, floats, etc.

So, when we get possessive of the title "Rescue" understand that it is not a one time gig, it is day in, day out, 100% dedication of the continued care of animals LOOKING for forever homes.

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