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Let's talk girths....

I see so many horses come into the rescue. This is another complaint most of my amazing hooved friends have... girths. I can see their expression the first time we go to tighten the cinch, they hate how the girth has been managed.

It is so simple to keep your horses happy and sane with some simple rules we follow to keep the horses happy and to keep you safe.

1. Get a wool girth or wool girth cover.

2. Get a WIDE girth, wide surfaces cause less pain and pressure

3. Use the correct size girth. There is a vein that runs along each side of the horse. Pressure in that area can be uncomfortable and even cause the horse to collapse.

4. Tighten the girth in gradual steps!

This is the MOST important thing.... PLEASE LISTEN. Tighten your girth in the following manner.

When you place the saddle on your horses back, pull the girth up and ONLY TIGHTEN AS MUCH AS IT WILL LIGHTLY TOUCH THE SKIN. Sorry for the caps... I'm not yelling, but I want it to be obvious that this is important...

While you bridle and lead your horse to the riding area, the horse will relax, tighten the girth again. If you lounge, check the girth again before you mount.

This will be a gradual and more relaxed girthing experience for you and your horse. If you have a horse that is "cinchy" please consider that the horse is asking you to be more considerate about the cinch.

OH!!!! and for heaven's sakes.... PLEASE stop using wool string girths WITHOUT a cover! They will pinch... a cover is $7.... is your horse's health and your safety worth $7.... of course! I know from personal experience that these WILL pinch, your horse will appreciate you. <3

Any questions?

Feel free to visit our forum where will discuss training and tack issues.

Thank you so much for following... your horse will appreciate it!



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