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Don't discredit a horse that might need a little refresher course.

Recently, we added a few videos to the Riversong Ranch Rescue Facebook page that we wouldn't normally post. "Why", you ask? Well the short answer is that first, second or even third ride videos are NOT a good representation of what that horse CAN be after a very brief leg up. A good trainer can do amazing things in as little as a week. A horse that has been out to pasture for a while is not and will not be the same horse he was with consistent riding. Yes, it is true that some horses are more consistent and tolerant than others, but that will be revealed as the training progresses. We can normally spot the rusty horses with the moody/dangerous horses pretty quickly. Horses that use and retain information quickly from ride to ride will progress well and very quickly! We encourage you to watch the progress and SEE for yourself what consistent, kind and effective training can accomplish in a short amount of time!

It is also imperative to remeber that these are living creatures with emotions, likes, dislikes, feelings. One horse that may like you, may hate me and vice versa. They have preferences, illnesses, aches, pains, and their own thoughts/choices. It is our job as equestrians to problem solve, listen to our horses and create a situation in which they can flourish and trive. When you adopt a horse, you are not adopting a machine that can be guaranteed of performance. You are adopting a living breathing creature, they have moods, attitudes, ideas and motives. They may be calm as a lamb one location and Atilla the Hun at another. We are here to help you with those situations, but they cannot be predicted or avoided. Because it isn't simple. This is an important thing to KNOW and consider when adopting a horse.

These videos of the pasture sour horses will show you why, when you adopt, it is so important to keep your horse in consistent work... even if it is only a few times a week. It will pay off in the long run and you will build an amazing relationship with your horse in the process.


Christen Lain

President of Riversong Ranch Rescue

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