Changes are in the air at Riversong!

I plan to start transitioning more towards a blog type setting. This will not be all at once, but eventually Riversong updates and horses available will be posted there.

Please subscribe to be the first to know that latest at Riversong~ This way, I can post fees and other information without dancing around FB policies. We will gradually reduce answering individual comments and ask that you message us or contact us via website.


We are also tweaking the way we work... Our rescue has been very successful the way it is. However, we are exhausted and reaching burnout.

To address this... There will be 2 categories of horses. (Both will still require a no sell contract upon adoption)

1) Project horses... which adopt as is - The ones that are for adoption in the rescue and have not been evaluated.

These horses will be offered for very reasonable adoption fees to encourage others to take them, train them and give them the life they deserve. They will NOT be evaluated.


2) Horses in Training - The few that are accepted into our Riversong Training Program. These horses will be ridden and trained until adopted. They will be listed with fair market fees.

*TRAINERS* We welcome trainers, beyond our trainers at Riversong, that would like to work with this training program so that more horses can be in training at one time. But as it stands, we only have so much room and therefore can only take in so many horses at a time. If you are a trainer and are interested in working with horses at Riversong, please contact me. This is not a "get a horse for free" program... Please don't apply if that is what you are looking for! We also prefer that these people have their own facility to take the horses so we can diversify with our efforts....

One more note about "Welcome to Riversong" posts... These posts are to let you know we have a NEW arrival.

Please refrain from asking me extensive details about a horse that just came in. There is literally no way for me to honestly and with assurance answer those questions. The evaluation process is lengthy, thorough and time consuming. So, please be patient and wait for updates as they come. If the horse interests you and you would like to adopt him/her as "a project"... feel free to message us with those questions and inquiry.

I hope this helps... we hope this makes us more successful in the future as we would like to stay fresh and help as many horses as we possibly can, while still taking care of ourselves.

We appreciate your understanding!

Thanks y'all Christen

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