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Save A Horse.  Ride A Rescue!


17 years old




Lacey is a very stunning mare. Easy keeper, lovely to look at and fun to ride, if you like a horse with pep in her step. She has a very neutral attitude and is very sweet. Although, she doesn't love the idea of being caught in the pasture without a snack involved.


She is quite forward under saddle, she was previously used as a barrel horse. She has been in training for 6 months and has learned to collect and yield to the bit and halter. However, she is NOT a beginners horse. She needs an intermediate or better rider to keep her in check and not let her get back into the habit of pushing through the bit... old habits die hard.

She loads in a trailer, trims quietly, stands tied quietly to be brushed, picked, saddled and bridled, she bathes quietly.


Absolutely no bite, kick or strike. She has impeccable ground manners. There is no buck, rear, strike, bite or kick in Lacey.

This sweet little mare will need consistent riding to stay tuned under saddle.

She does adopt out with a no sell contract.


I will not sell this mare sight unseen. A prospective buyer will need to come here and ride her so I can be sure it is a good fit.


Vet checks are more than welcome at buyer's expense.


Transportation is available, for a fee


Payments can be arranges while horse is boarded at Riversong Ranch of Texas.

Special Offer!

$200 discount off Lacey's adoption fee. To receive the discount, one must board at Riversong for a minimum of one month and attend at least 8 lessons, instructed by Christen.


Of course, the person must be considered a good match and meet all adoption requirements.


Registration Papers

Lacey's APHA

registration papers.