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Well, we all know everyone likes a story with a happy ending... So, here is Ezy's story as it was told to me.

Ezy was owned by an elderly couple that used him as a breeding stallion until they passed away, at which time Ezy was forgotten and slipped in to a state of neglect.  A kind couple saw the situation Ezy was living in and offered to take the stallion.  The couple was not familiar with horses, but they courageously saw an animal in need and stepped up to help.

With the help of friends, they found Ezy a better living situation and had him gelded.

You would think that this is where his happy ever after ends, but it was just a new beginning.  See, Ezy was not properly socialized by his previous owners.  Due to that, Ezy was overly aggressive with other horses over the fence.  He would charge fences, etc.  

Since the current barn wasn't comfortable with this situation, the lovely couple found a very low key situation for him and he started his process to learn to be a horse in a herd.

The kind couple's life situation changed and they decided to trust Riversong with Ezy's safety and placement.

In regards to Ezy learning to be a horse, he is apparently a quick study because we have pastured him with both geldings and mares without issue.

This is a wonderful story of a horse that was given a lifeline by an unlikely couple... Not horse people themselves, but angels to a horse in need.

Ezy is available for foster or adoption.  He is a companion horse because we don't believe he was ever broke to ride.  He is in wonderful physical condition, stands tied,  and easy to catch once he trusts you.