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Riversong Ranch Rescue
Adoption Contract
1. REQUIRED CARE: Adopter agrees that the equine will receive proper and sufficient food, water, shelter, all medications needed, veterinary/dental and farrier care as needed and notify in the event of death of equine. Horse’s weight shall be maintained in a satisfactory manner according to Riversong Ranch Rescue.
2. NO SELL: Adopter agrees that the equine shall not be sold, traded or given away; equine must stay in the possession of adopter. Adopter agrees to return equine to Riversong Ranch Rescue for ANY and ALL reasons at their expense and understands that because it is not a purchase price but is instead a donation, there are no refunds of adoption donations.
_____4. RELEASE OF LIABILITY: Adopter agrees to hold harmless and blameless Riversong Ranch Rescue and its representatives for any and all liability arising from any and all activities involving the equine. The equine, including behavior and health, is solely the responsibility of the adopter; even while boarded at Riversong Ranch Rescue.
5. AGREEMENT TO COMPLY: If any portion of this contract is violated by adopter or adopters’ associates/family, adopter agrees to surrender equine without incident.

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