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Riversong Ranch 

NonProfit 501(c)3 Horse rescue



Available Horses

"At Riversong Ranch Rescue, our goal is to place our horses in FOREVER homes. Until their family is found, we are their family."

- Christen Lain


Black APHA Mare

15 HH

16 Years old

Nice horse, plenty of forward motion.

$2000 Adoption Donation


Adorable little donkey

likes attention

Halter broke

*Gelded 1/8/2020.*

Adoption Fee $200


Palomino Pony Mare


16 years old

Broke to ride



Seal Brown Mare

15.1 HH

3.5 Years old

Halter broke. In foal

$500 Adoption Donation


Sorrel Mare

15 HH

13 Years old



Grade Perlino Gelding

15.1 HH

12 Years Old


Bay Gelding

15 HH

18 Years old

Companion Gelding


No sell contract required


APHA Gelding

15.1 HH

24 Years Old

Broke. Has experience with barrels, playday events, obstacle course, trails


In Rehab


Adorable little donkey

likes attention

Halter broke

*Gelded 1/8/2020.*

Adoption Fee $200


In Rehab

Sally Sue

Grade Sorrel Mare

15.1 HH

5 Years Old

Halter broke. Not broke to ride.

Sweet personality

300 Adoption Donation


If you would like to be considered as an adoptive home.  Please follow these steps and complete this Questionnaire Form to determine which horse will be most compatible with your skill set. Thank you!


If you would like to see more information about the horses available, please visit (and like) our Facebook page.

If you feel compelled to sponsor a horse, please  click here

Thank you!

Our Badge System

Are you curious which Riversong Badge applies to your skill set? 

Take this simple questionnaire to find out. 

Adoption Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Fill out an adoption application and a questionnaire form.


Shelter, food and water are a constant requirement.


Make an appointment

to visit the horses.


During your visit, we will discuss your skill level and determine if we have a horse that fits your needs.


If you choose horse during your visit; we ask that you to pay the adoption fee, and sign an adoption contract.


We reserve the right to deny a horse to any prospective adopter at any time.


Short term board is available for $7/day.


We do ask for updates on the horse after adoption.


Please bring a halter/lead rope to pick up your horse.  If you do not have one, we often have rope halters/lead combos available for $15.  Thank you!


Q: What is the back story of this horse?

A: Horses at Riversong Ranch Rescue come from many walks of life.  We do not always know their previous living situation. We provide information to the best of our knowledge.  However, information is often limited.

Q:  What is the exact age of the horses?

A: Age is determined by a dental examination by a veterinarian or an equine dentist. Aging via teeth is not a concrete science, it is an educated guess. Therefore, in most cases, age is an estimation, unless the horse is registered.

Q: What is the specific breed of the horse?

A: Breed... we do not attempt to guess a breed. We call it like it is.  When the horse is papered, we will list it.  Otherwise, the horse is grade.

Q: Will adoption fees increase with training? 

A: Yes. Training and Evaluation takes time and money. As our trainers put time into the horses, the adoption fee increases to match the value of the horse and help offset the cost of training. 

Q: Do you provide help after the adoption process?

A: Yes. Mentorship is provided after adoption. We do our best to help you with your horse after the adoption process.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns... 

Horses Adopted in 2020